Koller Craft
Mini-Might Internal Filter

Mini-Might Internal Filter

Product #: AQ0080F
Size 3"Lx4.5"Hx2.5"W

The compact Mini Might internal power filter provides excellent filtration for small aquariums and fish bowls. With a flow rate of 45 gallons per hour and using only 4 watts of electricity, this filter is powerful but economical to run. This efficient filter quietly draws water through the filter cartridge, removing unwanted waste and debris before it reaches the pump, keeping the working parts of the pump super clean and clog-free. Plus Mini Might's strong flow rate increases benefical surface gas exchange while aerating the aquarium. Premium filter cartridge included with Mini Might filter. Uses easily replaceable filter cartridges (item #AQ0083).

  • 45 gallons-per-hour flow rate
  • Compact; designed to fit all shapes and sizes of small aquariums
  • Provides optimum mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
  • Electrical cord length-5 feet 4 inches
  • Uses easily replaceable filter cartridges (item #AQ0083)