Best Flat Screen Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

01. Carol Anderson | 7/28/2014

Our special design protects the inner workings of the tv from the wind, rain and even snow.

02. Gray Garrison | 7/27/2014

We use state of the art televisions to turn them into outdoor televisions.

03. Catrina Elia | 7/26/2014

We have developed a procedure to weatherize and enhance LCD flat screens to make them ready to watch outside.

04. Erin Lawson | 7/24/2014

If you mount our outdoor televisions in the direct sun, there may be times when you'll need to move positions to see them best.

05. Chuck Cox | 7/24/2014

The prices on our outdoor televisions are better than anyone else.

06. Eric Bawers | 7/24/2014

Watching tv outside is hard to do if you don't have a tv that's made specifically to be watched outside.

07. Bob Adam | 7/24/2014

We use major brands like Sony, Vizio and Samsung to make the finest outdoor televisions.

08. Becky Butler | 7/22/2014

The majority of LED TVs have faster response times when downloading movies and games.

09. Barbara Thorsen | 7/20/2014

Our outside televisions have a super enhanced picture contrast so you can see it clearly in the sun light.

10. Belinda Rose | 7/18/2014

All of our outside TVs come with a remote control and a water proof tv cover.

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